Pacific Research Technology, Inc.

About Us

Pacific Research Technology is a leading independent distributor and exporter of electronic components. We take responsibility for procurement, distribution, quality control and supply chain management of semiconductors and all related electronic products. Our corporate office has been located in sunny Santa Cruz, California since 1984. Our proximity to Silicon Valley and inviting coastal atmosphere has enabled Pacific Research to build close relationships and preferential status among the largest, most dependable and most specialized manufacturers and stocking suppliers in the industry. Our long history of reliability and high standards of customer satisfaction mean many of our customers and suppliers measure our relationships in decades rather than years.

3-Tier Search System

Our team of remote search/purchasing agents, located in Northern and Southern California, Nevada, Florida, Louisiana, Freiburg (Germany) and yes, Maui, compliment our Santa Cruz staff, specializing in three overlapping fields of expertise:

  1. Obsolete and hard to find parts.
  2. Immediate inventory, available for ASAP delivery
  3. Long-term scheduling at optimum pricing.

Pacific Research offers a full line of semiconductors, memory devices, diodes, transistors, passives and connectors. Our knowledgeable sales and search team’s combined 180+ years of experience with commercial, industrial and military products worldwide enables Pacific Research Technology to guarantee our products and service are second to none. Our customers include aerospace, medical and consumer electronics, as well as contract manufacturers, assembly houses and distribution.

Dedication to Customer Service

Our Customer Service Philosophy can be summed up in one word: Relationships.

We know our reputation here at Pacific Research has been built over decades and could be lost with one order. Whether you need our service several times a day or a couple times a year, we value all of our relationships and strive to anticipate the needs of every one of our customers. The partnerships we have built with our global network of customers, suppliers and value-added associates are based on trust. This principle is reflected in every enquiry, every order, and every shipment